Simeone's army

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Simeone's army

Post by Son sovan » May 16th, 2018, 2:04 am


Atletico Madrid are a team in Diego Simeone's image, sportsbet but the Argentine coach knew to surround himself with a "army" who are now looking for a new continental title to bring further glory to the rojiblancos.Not long ago, Atletico had more history than at present. But the arrival of Simeone - in December 2011- meant a before and after for a team that changed from losers to winners. The final of the Europa League in Bucharest in 2012 was the starting point with a clear 3-0 win over Marcelo Bielsa's Athletic Club.Now, sportsbet on the eve of another final in the second most important competition on the continent, there are five players who remain in the squad: Godin, Gabi, Koke, Filipe Luis and Juanfran. And of all of them, it is very likely that only the latter won't starting."We have been here six years and we have been able to maintain the quality," Simeone recently noted. sportsbet

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