Game: The Mistaken Era

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Re: Game: The Mistaken Era

Post by Omnislasher » May 18th, 2007, 9:07 am

[West District, St. Ferris, 3:11PM, Day 1]

Preperations had gotten as far as they could, ships were in formation, soldiers set up near buildings along the coastline, and everyone was at their prime...minus a serious grade of uncertainty, and fear. St. Ferris seemed like it was set to go, ready to meet head to head with a force of HoO ships that had nothing but death, destruction, and a new world order in mind for the continent of humans.

So, naturally, when the first cannons roared with a thunderous boom, blending in with the storm above, everyone braced themselves...everyone awaiting as all hell broke loose.

Cyd was standing alone, on a small hill what would have been a spectacular view of beach had the storm not cut visibility to zero, when the cannon fire from the naval vessels intensified. The HoO was here, alright. Shots rang out on both sides at first, but within a couple short minutes ships started to blow up, and he presumed it was not those under the HoO flag, for the outter line fo ships had been, last he checked, composed of stragglers and their destroyers.

Chael caught up at a fast walk as Cyd continued to listen the battle being fought. A crack of lightning ripped by overhead, lighting the scene for only a moment. Five destroyers and two frigates were sunk already.

"Garek's gang have gotten armed and ready. They're going to ambush the HoO's AWTs as they hit the beachhead," she stated calmly.

Cyd nodded. Chael looked out at the ocean as another flash of lightning gave sight of the battle. There were HoO ships as far as the eye could see, and the battleships, carriers, and heavy cruisers hadn't even shown up yet. They were softening the defending forces with only ships as high as light cruisers. That was surely to add insult to the humans.

"Thirty minutes you figure?" she asked. Cyd thought about it and nodded once.

"Yeah, maybe a bit more. We're dealing with a lot of variables here. It's hard to tell when we're going to have to-"

He stopped at the sound of constant buzzing sound filled the air above. Cyd's stomach knotted a bit at what was to come. Surely, they weren't using them now. When he looked up, at the mixture of planes and gryphons in the air being shot at by anti-air emplacements, he felt sick.

"Paratroopers!" a soldier yeld down the street.

Cyd unsheathed both his blades and lead Chael off towards the field HQ.

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Re: Game: The Mistaken Era

Post by Knodr » May 18th, 2007, 2:34 pm

"Oh, look," Captian Servo said in bemussed delight. "This'll be like shooting fish in a barel." Thousands of paratroopers rained from the sky. And houndreds of paratroopers fell to the aproaching ground screaming on their journey to meet their god.

Machine guns thudded, reports roared, and brass clanked with the shouts of blood lust deafened the cries of the falling.

"Get those Panzerschrecks ready!" Syn shouted. "I don't want those ships to land but if our Allies don't do our jobs I want mass casualties! Save rockets just in case they did bring tanks!" Syn turned his is radio man and took the receiver and held the button, "Servo! You got the beachhead covered?"

"Yea, they're coming up in this boats I've never seen before. Armored plated. Don't worry, soon as they drop the ramp our guys know to light them up. The armor plates make the bullets bounce around real nice in there." Servo shouted into the radio. Syn picked up the lust of blood in his voice.

"I want a scout now!" Syn shouted. "You, boy, I need you to run to the other generals and fin dout why they aren't contacting me! Get any information you can on their status. Go!" The scout nodded and took off in the direction of the closest allied general.

Syn loaded his M1941 and readied himself for the HoO beach landing.
"Do not let them take our beach, men!" Syn shouted as loud as he could. Used what little magic he new to amplify his voice so that his men could hear him. So that anyone within fifty meter could hear him. "If we loss this beach don't you think about what your patron god will do to you upon your failure but of what I will do to you if you manage to get us all killed."

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Re: Game: The Mistaken Era

Post by Omnislasher » May 23rd, 2007, 9:01 am

[West District, St. Ferris, 3:20PM, Day 1]

Somewhere along the trip to the field HQ, Chael and Cyd got seperated from each other. Paratroopers were descendign upon the city like a giant swarm of locuses, and already he could hear a clutter of weapon's fire and blade clashes before and bright explosion from a demolition charge removed an AA gun from defensive play.

Surprisingly or not, most of the descending forces were armed only with swords and daggers. Gun armed soldiers were fewer and farther in between, but were generally harder to see since their weapons didn't minutely glow with an assortment of enchantments.

Cyd was crouched low in between a pair of skinny homes as a squad of troopers landing and collected themselves, looking around the terrain for hostiles. Both of Cyd's swords were at the ready, out of view to the blade-armed hopelesses.

"Everyone ready?" the apparent head of the squad demanded. "For Odin!"

Just when they began to slowly charge up the hill towards a distant AA gun, Cyd quietly raced in behind them, baring the Zantetsuken primarily. The rear soldier just caught the glow and turned around in time to have the mighty blade peircing in his right side and out his left, blood pouring to the ground. The soldier tried to scream but the Lohengrin swung around and decapitated him. The rest of the suad whirled around.

"The theft! The master's theft!" one of the younger soldiers exclaimed. Cyd grinned darkly.

"Dead men...just a bunch of dead men," he snarled, the Zantetsuken lighting up. "Steel Bladed Sword!"

He swung the sword horizontally in front of him and let the shimmering white light launch outwards from the tip of the blade, cutting all the soldiers cleanly in half, expressions of shock and horror on their faces.

Cyd stepped over their dead bodies and turned to the riot-like fighting happening in the streets. He charged at it, swords at the ready, and filled with bloodlust.

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Re: Game: The Mistaken Era

Post by Knodr » May 25th, 2007, 3:08 am

Bang, bang, bang, click . . ..

Syn pressed the button that dropped the magazine from the weapons well and reached for another mag to find that he was all out. He crused the god his people worship. The god who his people are children too. Inbetween curses and swears a human male rushed over to Syn sword in hand and death in his eyes. The patch that belonged to the Hand of Odin over his heart.

The enemy didn't expect the butt stock of Syn's weapons to smash across his face. He fell violently onto his knees, his short sword ratteling and clancking on the ground. "My nose! You broke my nose!" he man screamed. He got a butt stroke to his lower law.

"Now I broke your jaw." Syn muttered as he droped his weapon and unsheathed his sword. He didn't understand the incoherence of the man and he didn't care. "This is so your filth doesn't make it to this continent," Syn wispered to the man as the slowly plunged his blade through the man's body. Peircing the left side of the man's chest, his lungs, and his heart.

Syn slowly pulled out his sword and looked at the corpes. Blood flowed out of him like a fountine and spread accross the ground as if it were looking for a place to hide from it's killer.

He slowly tuned his head to his blooded blade in disbelief. The world around him slowed down. The sounds of battle and death muted. Time just seemed to stop as he lost himself.

His first kill.

Of all the time he was purposly missing his targets. Scareing them off. He never wanted to be here. Never wanted to join again. He was dismissed from the Legion og the Fallen because he refused to kill and now he is in command of a battalion of people who live to kill. "How did this happen to me?" he asked. Not to anyone in particuler. To Aridous, perhapes. To Serenity. The two siblings are worshiped siniminously now within the Cult. He asked to no god in particular. Even to the False God Odin itself.

He awakened from his haze with the sound of a clattering sword. His sword. Still not believing any of this he looked at the corpes. "Terror, forgive me of my weakness . . .."

The wind blew and tugged his uniforme and thought he heard a voice of reassurance. The most beautiful voice he had ever imagined hearing.

He picked up his sword and walked off the battelfield. Generals don't belong on the battelfield.

Not anymore.

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